An online food products database which collates nutrition and health information about food products in Nigeria.

About FoodFacts

FoodFact is an online food products database which collates nutrition and health information about food products in Nigeria. Information you will find on Foodfacts include product name, ingredient list, nutrition facts, Nafdac No., additives, allergins and typically any other information you will find on food labels.

To build a robust database of food products in Nigeria, FoodFacts is designed as a crowd sourced platform depending on volunteers (contributors) to keep growing the number of food products in its database.

Why FoodFacts?

Of what use is a database of Nigerian Food Products?

Be informed

FoodFacts helps you to make sense of the information on food labels and to access this information on your fingertips. You can search the database by product name or by scanning the product bar code.

Compare products easily

Compare similar brands of food products to choose your preference based on your specified criteria. i.e. Which type/brand of milk has the less fat and sugar?

Avoid fake products

Check-up NAFDAC approved products with their NAFDAC numbers.

Make better food choices

Use our Nutrition Rating System (which takes into account sugar, salt, saturated fat…) to guide your food choices.

Resourceful teaching materials

Foodfacts can be used as a resource for teaching about food products, packaging, branding, food labelling and so on.

Fast track your research

Researchers and students can use the FoodFacts Database for research purposes around food products, packaging, branding and so on.

Become a FoodFacts Contributor

Become a contributor and help contribute to build a robust national database of all packaged food products in Nigeria. Simply Register and you can begin to add products right away.

As a reward for your contribution as a contributor, you earn points which can be used to get freebies, access exclusive discounts on products and services and access services from the parent company- Healthucate Nigeria and our other partner’s.

Using the mobile phones app to launch the app page and easily scan products whether from home or grocery stores. You can also fill out product information on the website using a desktop computer.

How it works

Register and sign in as a new user.

Click on the add product button.

Take a picture of the barcode and upload it.

Add the remaining details and submit.

Join our community

Join our community on Facebook to interact and collaborate with other contributors and users. You also get access to special offers and rewards.